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Rewiring for the New Year and Beyond

Posted on 28 January, 2019 at 14:20

I am in process of rewiring myself after 30 (+) years in financial services. My last 20 years have been spent working with large institutional clients and I am using my knowledge to expand my expertise to small not for profits and families impacted by disabilities, a sector of the population small not for profits are of special value to.

I am creating an app, CollaborApp, to help the disabilities community move an all paper process to a real time integrative tool for the treatment team to utilize in managing their cases and/or care for loved ones. I am also starting an advisory practice helping small institutional investors allocate assets in a cost effective evidence based solution. As a result, moving forward, Integrative Solution Services LLC is focused on two things.

While I continue my career, I am falso ocusing on families with special needs for collaboration (the app). This effort can also lead to solutions for  families using technology and personal delivery tools while benefiting their funding sources and service providers. The lifestyle solutions and resources page on the website will remain operational, as I have received feedback that these solutions are valuable to the community and families impacted by disabilities.

I am revamping my website (www.integrativesolutionservices) and developing CollaborApp for families with special needs and the institutions that serve them. As a result, I am gathering resources that will help my small business serve underserved markets.

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