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Adam's Treatment Plan

Posted on 24 September, 2015 at 14:25

Adam is doing so great and people always ask me what we are doing so I thought I would put it here.  We have ABA but a specific type called Pivitol Respose Treatment (PRT) for behavior support.  They also have very good parent training and on line resources through a center in Santa Barbara, The Koegel Center (on the resources page).  The remote learning/implementation plan is ideal for people in areas that are not attracting good ABA providers.  The parent involvement part is made easy using PRT (and fun)!

As for School, Adam is in a scool with a BCBA supervised 1:1 ASL fluent shaddow.  ASL can be used as a bridge to spoken language in speech for Autistic kids and, given he is deaf, Adam is responsive to that.  He has perfect receptive language with his cochlear implants on and he uses ASL and verbal utterances to communicate.  Given his dual diagnosis, this is a miracle that he can communicate (sometimes with vocalization).  The ASL was key to his progress toward spoken language.  ASL is the version of sign language that works with Autism using verbal behavior approaches (with or without perfect hearing).  At school, he also has PT, OT, and speech (all with ASL trained instructors and his ASL fluent interpreter).

As for supplimets, we transitioned to Purium  because of the pure and organic aspect and because it is farm to family (lowering cost).  We started the superfoods supplimenrts last month and have seen positive results for Adam.

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